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You’re never alone

Your projects, team, collaborators,
new business opportunities are with you
wherever you are

I’m a principal designer
I am a senior architect
I head a luxury furniture manufacturing company

Get in sync with ArchChat

ArchChat is the world’s first chat platform cum marketplace for the design & construction industry. It provides three value propositions.

Connects all design & construction project collaborators

It brings together architects, designers, project owners, engineering consultants, contractors, product manufacturers, their dealers and art galleries. So they can be in sync and converse about all aspects of their projects. While conversing, collaborators can convert chats into tasks that are trackable, so work happens smoothly.

Connects manufacturers and dealers

Product manufacturers and their dealers create a private worldwide network on ArchChat to converse instantly with each other, assign and track tasks related to marketing and the sale of products

Connects buyers and sellers

Professionals list services, and sellers, list products on ArchChat marketplace. While working on projects, professionals can find new service providers and products, add them to projects and instantly start collaborating with service providers and product sellers.

All using ArchChat can chat with others in their language, enabling cross border collaborations and making the entire world as one community.

Work as if you, your team
and project collaborators
are in one room

ArchChat - add collaborators and team

Get connected

Collaborators and their team
come together

ArchChat - access content

Work swiftly

Add drawings, designs
and products to spaces.
Chat privately or in groups
Convert chats to tasks

ArchChat - tasks

Stay in sync

Track chat history and tasks

ArchChat - add collaborators and teamArchChat - access contentArchChat - tasks

Work remotely
collaborate globally

ArchChat - add collaborators

Get invited to projects

Whether you own a design, engineering
or construction firm, or are a solo practitioner,
project stakeholders are searching
for new alliances.

ArchChat - add products in projects

Business comes on its own

Product manufacturers and their dealers
become collaborators when
their products are added to projects.

ArchChat - add collaboratorsArchChat - add products in projects
ArchChat - break free with an officeArchChat - break free with an office

Break free with an office
that moves with you

Get the ArchChat advantage

Design & construction firms

Product manufacturers