ArchChat Cookie Policy

ArchChat (which term shall hereinafter be deemed to include all subsidiaries, affiliates, and predecessors - in - interest and in title of ArchChat Pte. Limited, a company incorporated in, and under the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and Archchat Private Limited, a company incorporated in India under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013) is a global, cloud - based platform and mobile application, which brings together home and project owners, with professionals, service providers and sellers from the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry (hereinafter referred to as the “AEC Industry”). ArchChat helps homeowners, project owners, architects & designers, AEC consultants, contractors and sellers to communicate & collaborate on ArchChat platform with each other. It further helps its B2B users, such as AEC Industry firms and professionals, as well as product - sellers to market their services & products. ArchChat also provides a platform for its B2B users to publish content, which can be viewed by all visitors to the ArchChat website, and can be used by all subscribers & users of the ArchChat platform & mobile application.

The ArchChat website shall be deemed to include the websites accessible through the domain “ArchChat” as is being used with the Generic Top - Level Domain Name (gTLD) “.com”, i.e.,, as also the domain “ArchChat” as is being used with Country Code Top - Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) such as “.it”, “.es”, “.us”, etc., i.e.,,,, etc (hereinafter referred to as “ArchChat’s websites”). The ArchChat platform includes all the communications and services offered by ArchChat through their websites, as well as all websites, plugins, widgets, the mobile application and other applications and other ArchChat content that is embedded on third - party websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “ArchChat platform”).

This ArchChat Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookie Policy”) explains how the ArchChat platform uses cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Cookies”) for the purposes of recognising visitors to the ArchChat platform. The Policy explains the technologies, their functioning, and why ArchChat uses them, as also visitors’ rights to control ArchChat’s use of Cookies.


Anytime there is a visitor to the ArchChat website, a cookie is a small packet of data, or data file, that is sent by ArchChat’s internet server to the internet browser on the visitor’s device/laptop, which packet of data or data file is returned by the browser each time the ArchChat’s server is accessed from that device/laptop, allowing ArchChat’s server to identify the user, and track access to the ArchChat server. Cookies allow the ArchChat platform to work in a more efficient manner and also enable the generation of reports on how the website is being used. The most common place where one may find cookies residing is on the device of any visitor to the ArchChat platform, in the email of any user/subscriber, and on the ArchChat platform.

Cookies are broadly of two types - first-party and third-party cookies. Cookies enabled by ArchChat on their own platform are first-party cookies. Cookies enabled by any other party on the ArchChat platform are known as third-party cookies. These third-party cookies enable all functions and features that are provided by any third-party, in connection to the ArchChat platform, which includes but is not limited to advertising content, interactive content, analytical platforms, etc. These third-party cookies can identify the visitor, user or subscriber’s device when it visits the ArchChat platform, the concerned third-party website, as well as certain other websites. Examples of third-party cookies may be cookies from platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc., from which a visitor, user or subscriber may access the ArchChat platform by logging in.

The ArchChat platform may also use “Flash Cookies” or “Local Shared Objects” (LSOs), which are small text files sent by web servers to the ArchChat platform, whenever a visitor, user or subscriber accesses any content through the Adobe Flash player, on the ArchChat platform. These, similar to cookies, save data from the use of the Flash player, including but not limited to user preferences.

Further, ArchChat may, in connection with their platform use technologies similar to cookies, known as “clear GIFs”, “tracking pixels”, etc., which act as web beacons, allowing the ArchChat platform to recognise any visitor, user or subscriber through the device from which the ArchChat platform is being accessed. This technology makes use of graphic files containing unique identifiers, enabling the ArchChat platform to become aware of any visitor, user or subscriber visiting the ArchChat platform, opening an email from ArchChat, etc. All users must beware of the fact that such technologies work closely with cookies, for proper functioning, therefore, it is imperative that cookies are enabled, to allow the full ArchChat experience.


ArchChat has many essential uses for both first- and third-party cookies, ranging from technical assistance to the ArchChat platform to enhancing the ArchChat experience for visitors, users or subscribers to the ArchChat platform. This is enabled through ArchChat automatically remembering certain activities of any visitor, user or subscriber to the Platform. Some other cookies also enable ArchChat to provide more relevant advertising and better analytics with regards to the preferences of users and/or subscribers.

Certain cookies are essential to the proper and full functioning of the ArchChat platform, and these cookies are so essentially used in the following ways:

  • To enable ArchChat to identify any visitor, user or subscriber logging in to the ArchChat platform; and
  • To ensure ArchChat connects any visitor, user or subscriber to the appropriate service or product, when any changes are made to the working of the ArchChat platform.

For the purpose of enhancing the ArchChat experience, cookies can also be used for certain services and features that are available on the ArchChat platform, for e.g., remembering the setting and activity patterns of visitors, users or subscribers to the platform, without which the following functionality may be affected:

  • Type of subscriber signing in
  • Saving content to any user or subscriber’s project;
  • Search history and search optimization;
  • Automatic application of certain settings, such as layout, text size, font colour and other preferences;
  • Content engagement on the platform, for e.g., taking surveys, etc., as, without cookies, ArchChat would not be able to keep track of the content that a user has already engaged with, and may show that content repetitively.

Visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat platform can also personalise their ArchChat experience by allowing the platform to collect information about how the ArchChat platform is being used. Visitors, users and subscribers can also allow the ArchChat platform understand their interests, enabling ArchChat to further personalise their experience. The following are some examples of how ArchChat may use cookies for the purposes of personalisation, analytics, etc.:

  • To generate user statistics, including statistics on usage of the platform and on the errors in sending or obtaining data that may be faced by the ArchChat platform, in connection to use by any visitor, user or subscriber;
  • To test layouts, designs, etc., for the ArchChat platform;
  • To track user and subscriber response rate, viewership information and forwarding data, relating to all ArchChat communication sent to a visitor, user or subscriber;
  • To collate and communicate information about any visitor, user or subscriber, including that on browser type search preferences, etc

Cookies, both first- and third-party, are used by ArchChat for the purposes of advertising. These cookies allow for performance measurement, prevention of repetition, proper display and customised selection, etc. Some examples of functions performed by these cookies are given here under:

  • Generating and providing to marketing partners, when one of the visitors from that partner also visits the ArchChat platform;
  • Generating and providing data relating to the viewing of advertisements by any visitor, user or subscriber, along with specific data such as date, time of viewing, etc.;
  • Analyse available user and subscriber data to display relevant advertising;
  • Analyse available user and subscriber data to understand action patterns of visitors, users or subscribers to the ArchChat platform, both before and after viewing a certain advertisement.

ArchChat works in close connection with marketing and advertising partners, channels and networks, as well as analytics service providers, and such partners of ArchChat may have access to information relating to the browser and/or device used by any visitor, user or subscriber to the ArchChat platform. However, no such partner have access to any information of a sensitive personal nature, including but not limited to user names, contact details, etc., unless any visitor, user or subscriber specifically consents to the collection thereof.


Any visitor, user or subscriber to the ArchChat platform may chose to amend or “opt out” of the generation or collection of any information or data, through cookies or other technologies, by actively managing settings on that visitor, user or subscriber’s browser or mobile device.

All visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat platform are called upon to note that turning off, deleting or rejecting cookies may not prevent the collection of data and information relating to device identification from occurring. They are also called upon to note that turning off, deleting or rejecting cookies may affect the functionality of certain areas of the ArchChat platform.

As cookies are primarily controlled through the web browser, and since the means to turn off, delete or reject cookies is through the web browser, controls for the same may vary. All visitors, users and subscribers are called upon to access the technical information about their mobile device or web browser, for specific instructions on how to turn off, delete or reject cookies, or any other tracking and/or recording tools.

Visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat platform may, further, choose to “opt-out” of the collection of any data or information, through cookies or any other tracking technologies, of those businesses that are participating through the European Interactive Digital Advertising, U.S. Network Advertising Initiative or the U.S. Digital Advertising Alliance. These organisations provide information and instructions on how to “opt-out”, on their webpages, and any visitor, user or subscriber may learn how to opt out of receiving personalised ads from companies that are participating in the aforesaid initiatives.

If any visitor, user or subscriber wishes to opt out of the storage of Flash Cookies on their web browser or mobile device, the settings of the Adobe Flash Player from the Website Storage Settings Panel may be adjusted to block the storage of Flash Cookies. Instructions for controlling Flash Cookies are also available at the Global Storage Settings Panel, including instructions on deleting existing Flash Cookies, preventing LSOs being placed on a visitor, user or subscriber’s device without specific consent and blocking third-party Flash Cookies.

All visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat platform are called upon to note that turning off, deleting or rejecting Flash Cookies may affect the functionality of certain Flash applications on the ArchChat platform, including those applications used by ArchChat in connection with their services and online content.


Update - This Policy may be updated by ArchChat from time to time, to reflect changes in the use of cookies, or changes in the operation, legal or regulatory framework of the cookies used by ArchChat. All visitors, users and subscribers are informed to visit this Policy regularly to stay informed about ArchChat’s use of cookies.

More About Cookies - All queries, questions, etc., about ArchChat’s use of cookies and related technologies can be addressed to ArchChat at Information about cookies can also be found at Guides to online privacy and behavioral advertising, created by the online marketing industry, are accessible at The specific ICC UK Cookie Guide can be found on the website of the ICC, at

More About Analytics - The ArchChat platform uses analytics such as Google Analytics, HotJar, etc.

Google Analytics uses cookies that make it possible to analyse how any visitor, user or subscriber uses the ArchChat platform. The information so generated is, then, transferred and stored on a Google Server, located in the United States. Google uses the information to evaluate usage of the ArchChat platform, thus, reporting on website and internet utilisation, and how to optimize the same. Collection and processing of data from cookies via Google Analytics can be prevented by downloading and installing the browser-plugin, available at the following link - Further information about Google Analytics, the terms and conditions of use, etc., can be found at or at

Effective May 25, 2018.