ArchChat Privacy Policy

ArchChat (which term shall hereinafter be deemed to include all subsidiaries, affiliates, and predecessors - in - interest and in the title of ArchChat Pte. Limited, a company incorporated in, and under the laws of the Republic of Singapore, and ArchChat Private Limited, a company incorporated in India under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013) is a global, cloud-based platform and mobile application, which brings together home and project owners, with professionals, service providers and sellers from the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry (hereinafter referred to as the “AEC Industry”). ArchChat helps homeowners, project owners, architects & designers, AEC consultants, contractors and sellers to communicate and collaborate on ArchChat platform with each other. It further helps its B2B users, such as AEC Industry firms and professionals, as well as product - sellers to market their services & products. ArchChat also provides a platform for its B2B users to publish content, which can be viewed by all visitors to the ArchChat website, and can be used by all subscribers & users of the ArchChat platform & mobile application.

The ArchChat Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) provides information on what data is collected by ArchChat, how the data is used and/or shared by ArchChat, and the mutual rights and obligations with regards to such user data, that arise as between ArchChat, all the visitors to the ArchChat website, and all subscribers & users of the ArchChat platform & mobile application. Any and all access and use, both of the ArchChat website, as well as the ArchChat platform and mobile application, shall be subject to this Privacy Policy.

The ArchChat website shall be deemed to include the websites accessible through the domain “ArchChat” as is being used with the Generic Top - Level Domain Name (gTLD) “.com”, i.e.,, as also the domain “ArchChat” as is being used with Country Code Top - Level Domain Names (ccTLDs) such as “.it”, “.es”, “.us”, etc., i.e.,,,, etc (hereinafter referred to as “ArchChat’s websites”). The ArchChat platform includes all the communications and services offered by ArchChat through their websites, as well as all websites, plug-ins, widgets, mobile applications and other applications and other ArchChat content that is embedded on third - party websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “ArchChat platform”).


ArchChat collects information and data that is provided by all visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat platform, and also all information and data that is automatically collected when any visitor, user or subscriber uses the ArchChat platform.

As Provided by a Visitor, User or Subscriber

ACCOUNT: When any subscriber creates an account on the ArchChat platform, ArchChat collects information such as the subscriber’s name, email address, subscription type (home/project owner, professional or seller, etc.), gender, location (country, city, pincode, etc.), phone number and any other professional information provided by the subscriber upon signing up. ArchChat does not collect information of a personal nature, such as religion, race, age, etc.

PUBLISHED/PUBLICLY AVAILABLE CONTENT: ArchChat deals with two categories of publicly available content that may be submitted, posted or published on the ArchChat platform, by subscribers and users. In the first instance, it includes information regarding a user or subscriber’s comments, reviews, likes, searches, etc. Additionally, ArchChat also deals with content that is submitted, posted and/or published on ArchChat by any of its B2B users, including but not limited to firms and professionals from the AEC Industry. This information and data includes products, designs, description on service provided and any other information relating to the AEC Industry, that are posted for viewership and access by other ArchChat users and subscribers, in the form of content. All content submitted, posted and/or published on ArchChat by its B2B users for the purpose of public access are also available through indexing with Google, and may be viewed/accessed therefrom. Further, ArchChat may submit, post or publish this content to a user/subscriber’s personal, social media account, through its opt - in “Auto-post” feature, which allows ArchChat to access personal social media profiles of its users/subscribers, and post content on their behalf.

SAVED CONTENT:ArchChat also allows its users and subscribers to save content for their private access, viewership and saving them on projects, at any point in time. By saving content, a user/subscriber is uploading the same onto ArchChat’s cloud - based memory bank. This content can be in the form of products, designs, description on service provided and any other information relating to the AEC Industry, etc., and can be uploaded by a user and subscriber, in order to save them in their personal ArchChat library. Content that a user/subscriber saves to their library is not published or made publicly accessible, and may only be viewed by the user/subscriber, or their collaborators if the content is shared with any collaborators. All data and information relating to such content are collected by ArchChat, however, no such data is viewed by ArchChat, nor is any such data disseminated or made available/accessible to any other third - party.

COMMUNICATIONS:When any user/subscriber communicates with ArchChat, via email, phone, the ArchChat website/platform, etc., and when any user/subscriber accesses the ArchChat website/platform to communicate with any other user/subscriber, then a copy of all such communication is stored by ArchChat, in accordance with the applicable law. ArchChat may record calls between any user/subscriber/visitor to the ArchChat website/platform helpline number, and ArchChat shall provide adequate notice, and shall take specific consent in accordance with law, before recording any such communication/calls, and before making such communications, or the data collected therefrom, public. No communication with any AEC Industry firm, professional, seller, or any other user/subscriber/visitor to the ArchChat website/platform, outside the ArchChat website/platform, shall be under the purview of this Privacy Policy, and ArchChat shall not be held liable for any such communication, or the content discussed therein.

MISCELLANEOUS:If any user/subscriber/visitor to the ArchChat website/platform participates in any survey, contest, promotional scheme, etc., then ArchChat shall collect any and all information and data that is made available by all participants thereto.

As Provided by Others

OTHER PLATFORMS: ArchChat receives information from all other third - party platforms that are utilised by any user/subscriber to connect to ArchChat, provided such a platform has already obtained the necessary permission from the user/subscriber to provide the information and data to ArchChat. This information includes, but is not limited to names, profile pictures, email addresses, etc. Further, any user/subscriber, while signing up for ArchChat through Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, may be asked to provide certain information and data, which information shall be identified by those platforms, and for which information, those platforms shall be solely liable.

PUBLICLY AVAILABLE INFORMATION: ArchChat shall collect data or information arising from anything a user/subscriber may post, publish or upload on the ArchChat website/platform, which information may include photos, stories, etc., about any user/subscriber to the ArchChat platform. Further, for AEC Industry professionals and sellers that are operating through the ArchChat platform/website, ArchChat may collect information from publicly available sources, and may also make the information available as part of the ArchChat platform. This information includes, but is not limited to, names, contact information, product images and designs, relevant product, design or service information, etc., obtained from the public domain, or from industry associations that such a professional or seller may be a member of, or affiliated to.

OTHER USERS: In order to improve the ArchChat experience, AEC Industry professionals and sellers may provide information regarding any user/subscriber’s engagement with them, including information on whether contact has been made, the status of the project for which the engagement was made, delivery statuses, etc. Further, ArchChat user/subscribers may also provide information, by way of feedback and public reviews, regarding their experiences with an ArchChat professional or seller.

THIRD PARTY WEBSITES:A host of third - party websites embed content from ArchChat, including but not limited to plug-ins, widgets, contents, etc. These plug-ins, widgets and embedded content provide user data and information to ArchChat, through the use of Cookies, which is done in full compliance with the ArchChat Cookie Policy. ArchChat also hosts and develops websites for ArchChat professionals, and ArchChat will collect information as provided in the privacy policy on all such websites, including any communication with the professional through the website.

As Collected Automatically

ArchChat automatically collects all information and data regarding any user of the ArchChat website and/or platform, from all visitors, users and subscribers to the ArchChat website and platform. This data and information includes, but is not limited to search activity, pages viewed and visited, the date and time of visit, content interacted with on third - party websites where ArchChat content is embedded, etc. Further, ArchChat also collects information that the visitor/user/subscriber’s device provides in connection with any use of the ArchChat website/platform, including but not limited to the browser type, the device type, the browser language, the IP address, the mobile carrier (if applicable), the unique device identifier, the location of access/use, the requested and referring URLs, etc.

As Collected through Cookies and Similar Technology

ArchChat uses Cookies in connection with any use of the ArchChat website/platform, in order to collect information relating to what any visitor/user/subscriber views and interacts with on the ArchChat website/platform, and other information relating to the access and use of the ArchChat website/platform. For further information on use of cookies and how to opt-out of cookies, kindly see the ArchChat Cookie Policy, however, please note that we do not change the behaviour of the ArchChat website/platform, in response to browser requests not to be tracked.

As Collected through Location Services

A device’s location is received by ArchChat, if the ArchChat website/platform is accessed through a browser or mobile device. ArchChat may be able to infer a visitor/user/subscriber’s general location from his/her IP address, which information may also be provided by a visitor/user/subscriber by inputting the same into the ArchChat website/platform, including in the settings, or while checking out after a purchase, as a shipping or billing address.


The information that is provided to ArchChat by any visitor/user/subscriber, as described hereinabove, may be used by ArchChat in connection with supporting and developing the ArchChat website/platform, and to improve ArchChat’s communications with its users/subscribers relating to the working of the website/platform.

Some of the ways in which ArchChat may use the information and data that is provided, have been listed herein under.

ArchChat may use information and data about any visitor/user/subscriber, collected as above:

  • to showcase products, designs, services provided and news & other relevant information regarding the AEC Industry;
  • to enable users/subscribers to save any of this information onto their projects and receive reports that are relevant thereto;
  • to enable users to collaborate with each other by sharing products or designs and sending messages to each other.
  • to improve ArchChat’s functionality and stability, including to display publicly posted content;
  • to provide customer service and support to all ArchChat users/subscribers;
  • to respond to user queries and requests, and to process, store and deliver user/subscriber communication;
  • to back - up the ArchChat systems and provide increased security;
  • to conduct an internal evaluation and audit of the ArchChat website/platform, for legitimate business purposes and interests, and to use this audit as an avenue to improve and develop existing products and services, and to offer new products and services;
  • to personalise the ArchChat experience for any visitor/user/subscriber, and to tailor and curate content and information that is made available to visitors/users/subscribers;
  • to curate and display relevant advertising and listings (on ArchChat’s website/platform, as well as on third - party websites), and to evaluate the performance of such advertising/listings;
  • to provide feedback to users/subscribers on the website, i.e., from the homeowners to the AEC industry firms and professionals, and vice versa;
  • to conduct fraud prevention and diligence exercises, and to ensure a quality experience for visitors/users/subscribers, or to do so for legal reasons, including filtering and violative agreements;
  • to ensure user/subscriber/visitor compliance with their multiple agreements that they have entered into with ArchChat, including the Terms of Use;
  • to ensure every user/subscriber/visitor is compliant with the applicable law, and to ensure that ArchChat is, in association with such user/subscriber/visitor, complaint with their legal obligations, including any requests under law made by public authorities, for the purposes of the protection of national security or law enforcement;
  • to perform research, development and analysis to further the legitimate business interests that are held by ArchChat; and
  • to administer promotional schemes, contests and user surveys.
  • to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop trend - analysis reports, which may be used by ArchChat to develop their own legitimate business interests, or to provide information to AEC Industry firms and professionals that have signed up with ArchChat, for assistance in enhancing their marketing capabilities.

ArchChat reserves the right to use any user/subscriber/visitor’s communications, generally, for the purposes of quality assurance and training, and to develop and improve the services and products that are offered through the ArchChat website/application. ArchChat’s use of this communication helps ArchChat better understand and manage the provision of products and services, as well as the requests that are received and responses sent by the professionals and sellers on the ArchChat platform, as also including providing feedback.

ArchChat may also use information provided at log in, and otherwise information gathered through cookies, the user’s device, IP addresses, etc., for the purposes of identifying a user/subscriber based on his log in, and for the purposes of logging a user’s use of the ArchChat website/platform, across devices.

For user convenience, ArchChat may, upon the user/subscriber’s consent, collect and use information regarding the payment method, and make such information available to the user/subscriber regarding any prior purchases, upon a fresh purchase.

Notice of any other use of information and data by ArchChat shall be provided to all visitors/users/subscribers in advance, giving such visitors/users/subscribers the choice to opt - out of all such use of data, at their discretion.


ArchChat does not rent or sell personal information about any visitor/user/subscriber, such as their contact information, including the email address associated with registration, to third - parties, to be used for marketing purposes.

Such sensitive information is shared by ArchChat in a variety of manners, which have been described hereinbelow.

With Platform Visitors, Users and Subscribers

Using the ArchChat website/platform, visitors/users/subscribers thereto may find, view, contact and follow any profile and public activity on the ArchChat website/platform, for example, likes and reviews by any user on the ArchChat platform, and may do so through any user’s username. The same may also include all content that have been made available for public viewing by an AEC Industry firm, professional or seller, which are public unless specifically made private. Further, ArchChat may display aggregated information about any professional or seller, in order to assist visitors evaluate any professional or seller, and this information includes the professional’s/seller’s response rate, the last visit to the ArchChats Platform, etc. Information made publicly available by any user/subscriber cannot be controlled by ArchChat, and ArchChat shall not be held liable for any misuse of the same.

With AEC Industry Professionals, Sellers, and Third-Party Businesses

If ArchChat is approached by any user/subscriber to find any AEC Industry professional or seller, information about the user/subscriber’s product, services, contact details, etc., may be made available by ArchChat to a limited number of professionals, depending on ArchChat’s analysis of the suitability of professionals, for the said project. In furtherance of such an approach or request, if any user/subscriber provides feedback on the level of interest generated by these professionals and sellers, this feedback can be sent to the concerned professionals, for the purposes of their improvement.

Additionally, ArchChat also allows all professionals and sellers to view public activities on the ArchChat website/platform that relate to interactions with those professionals’ or sellers’ content, such as their published content. ArchChat endeavours to ensure that the professionals, sellers, etc. use this public information for the purpose for which it was provided, however, the same is also guided by the individual privacy policy of each professional, seller, etc.

With Service Providers & Platform Partners

Information collected by ArchChat may be shared with others as reasonably needed for our uses and legitimate interests, as has already been described in this Privacy Policy, and ArchChat endeavours to ensure that use of such information is limited. However, if any user/subscriber specifically consents to the use and sharing of information and data with a third - party partner, for example, in connection with a promotional scheme or contest, then such information shall be shared with the third - party partner, and ArchChat shall not be liable for any use thereof.

With Advertisers and Advertising Agencies & Networks

ArchChat uses advertising agencies, networks and other similar service providers to display advertisements on third - party platforms and websites. These agencies and networks also assist ArchChat in evaluating existing advertising and marketing strategies. ArchChat may also allow such an advertising agency or network to display third - party advertisements on the ArchChat platform. ArchChat may also communicate with users/subscribers, at the addresses and contact information provided, through these advertising agencies. However, ArchChat only discloses hashed information and device identifiers to such agencies and networks, and no personal information such as a user/subscriber’s name, contact information, etc., shall be provided by ArchChat. More information on ArchChat’s use of your information and data can also be seen in our Cookie Policy.

Corporate Affiliates and Business Transfers

ArchChat may also collect, use and share information about a user/subscriber, for use by any subsidiary, affiliate, joint venture, or other company in association with ArchChat, or for use by a potential acquirer, successor or assignee, or as part of any restructuring, sale, merger, transfer, assignment, or any disposition of a portion of the business, assets or stock.


ArchChat may, as permitted by applicable law, or where it is required by law, investigate and disclose information from/about you, if there is a bona fide belief that the investigation is:

  • necessary to comply with the legal process and law enforcement orders, such as search warrants, judicial proceedings, etc., that may be served upon ArchChat;
  • going to assist the prevention, investigation or identification of a possible wrongdoing;
  • protecting ArchChat’s rights, reputation, property or that of our visitors/users/ subscriber, or the public; and/or
  • for the purposes of enforcing compliance with our agreements.


The ArchChat Platform includes features relating to third-party social media platforms, as well as third-party plug-ins and widgets. Further, ArchChat may also enable its widget to be made available at other, third-party websites and platforms. All such features are operated and/or hosted by the relevant third-parties, and are, therefore, subject to the Privacy Policies of each of the third-parties, and not this ArchChat Privacy Policy. Further, the ArchChat platform also provides links to third-party websites and platforms that are not controlled, operated or hosted by ArchChat, and ArchChat shall not be liable for any violation of privacy thereof.


When a subscriber creates an ArchChat account, one of the essential services provided by ArchChat is to communicate with the subscriber through emails, and through the ArchChat platform. Such communications may also include messages and push notifications, if the subscriber is using the ArchChat platform through a mobile or tabular device. ArchChat provides communications regarding the subscriber’s account, privacy of the personal information and data provided by the subscriber, as well as visitors’/users’/subscribers’ interactions with the subscriber’s content, for example, likes, shares and responses to content, comments, etc.

ArchChat will also contact its subscribers for feedback regarding the overall user experience of the ArchChat platform, and for feedback regarding the overall experience of home ownership and design, in partnership with the AEC Industry. ArchChat also reserves the right to communicate tips, offers, schemes and services, and such content may feature AEC Firms, professionals, sellers and other businesses on the ArchChat platform.

All subscribers can change their communication preferences through the ‘Settings’ tab on the ArchChat platform, and may opt - out of such marketing emails and schemes from ArchChat. However, all subscribers must necessarily receive account and privacy - related communications from ArchChat, and may not opt - out of the same.

ArchChat allows users and subscribers to send messages to other users and subscribers via the ArchChat platform, and also to share content with others outside the ArchChat platform. However, ArchChat disclaims that it shall not be liable if any user or subscriber makes his/her/its contact information available, for persons outside the ArchChat platform to contact them.


Any user/subscriber may deactivate his/her/its ArchChat account at any point by going to the Settings tab on the ArchChat platform, or may contact ArchChat through the Contact Us section/ message section on the platform. Once any user/subscriber deactivates his/her/its profile and account, then no ongoing or future data will be collected, used or shared by ArchChat. Further, the profile/account in question will not be available to the public for access or viewership, however, publicly posted content such as photos, review, and other content may still be accessible and viewable, in accordance with the applicable law and our Terms of Use. Upon a specific request, ArchChat can permanently close and delete the account in question, and for such purposes, ArchChat can be contacted through the Contact Us section or sending an email to .

Personal information of such an account shall be retained by ArchChat only for as long as is required under the applicable law, or for as long as is necessary for ArchChat to fulfil the purpose for which the personal information was being processed. ArchChat may also retain personal data for quality assurance purposes, and for providing them to the authorities in future legal claims, if any.

Further, ArchChat retains aggregated information of deactivated accounts, for purposes that have been already set out in this Privacy Policy. ArchChat disclaims that all information that was made public and was shared with other users/subscribers shall continue to be visible after the termination of the account, and ArchChat does not have any control over the information or content that has been copied off of the ArchChat platform. Further, ArchChat reserves its right to retain copies of updated, modified or deleted information in their servers and as part of their business records and archives.


ArchChat undertakes to use, and uses appropriate and relevant, reasonable measures to protect visitors’/users’/subscribers’ personal and information from unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure, loss, alteration, misuse and/or destruction. ArchChat is fully aware of, and has taken into account all risks involved, given the nature of the data, and in the processing of personal information and data.


No person under the age of 13 years shall access the ArchChat platform, as it is intended for general audiences. ArchChat does not allow users/subscribers under the age of 13 to sign up to the ArchChat platform, and ArchChat does not voluntarily or knowingly collect any personal information from or about children, under the age of 13. In the event that any personal information or data about any child under the age of 13 has been collected, ArchChat undertakes to take appropriate steps to delete all such information. If any visitor/user/subscriber becomes aware, or is under the reasonable belief that ArchChat has received any information or data about a child under the age of 13, kindly contact ArchChat as provided in the Contact Us section or sending a mail to


ArchChat reserves its right to revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The most current version of the Privacy Policy governs ArchChat’s use of personal information and data relating to all visitors/subscribers/users to/of the ArchChat platform. If there are any changes, material or otherwise, that are brought to this Privacy Policy, ArchChat shall inform all users/subscribers by email, or by posting a notice on the ArchChat platform. By virtue of continually accessing the ArchChat platform, those changes having become effective, all visitors/users/subscribers shall be subject to the revised Privacy Policy.


Any questions, comments or queries to the Privacy Policy can be raised to ArchChat at:
You may also reach us at our registered address at 7, Temasek Boulevard, #12-07, Suntec Tower one, Singapore 038987


ArchChat Pte. Limited is a company incorporated in, and under the laws of the Republic of Singapore, with its registered office at 7, Temasek Boulevard, #12-07, Suntec Tower one, Singapore 038987, is a global, cloud - based platform, with corporate affiliates and operations in several countries around the world. By signing up for the ArchChat platform, all users and subscribers agree and consent to personal information being transferred to and processed in Singapore, or any other country where ArchChat, its service providers, agents and corporate affiliates operate, in order to suitably provide services for which users/subscribers sign up.

Laws governing data protection and privacy differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and the Republic of Singapore or other jurisdictions may not provide the same level of protection for your information and data, as the jurisdiction of your residence. Accordingly, if any user/subscriber is from the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the “EEA”), and ArchChat transfers personal information and data to any country outside the EEA, ArchChat undertakes to take appropriate steps to ensure that such information and data is afforded the same level of protection as described in this Privacy Policy.


Visitors, users and/or subscribers to the ArchChat platform have certain rights in relation to their personal information, in some regions such as the EEA, and these rights include, but are not limited to the right to access, update, correct or request deletion of information and data of a personal nature. ArchChat undertakes to take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information and data collected is only relied upon for its intended use, and is complete, up-to-date and fully accurate.

All users can manage their profile preferences and settings from the Settings tab on the ArchChat platform. All visitors, being non - users and non - subscribers to the ArchChat platform, may contact ArchChat directly, in relation to accessing, updating, correcting or deleting information and data of a personal nature. Such contact can also be used to modify any visitor’s data or marketing preferences, which request shall be considered by ArchChat in accordance with applicable laws.

All users can raise objections to the processing of information and data of a personal nature by ArchChat, and can contact ArchChat to request a restriction on the processing of such information, and also to request portability of such information. Subscribers may also deactivate their profiles, and request for a copy of their information through sending message to ArchChat support team.

If any visitor, user or subscriber to the ArchChat platform has a complaint relating to ArchChat’s collection, use and sharing of data and personal information, they may file a complaint with their local data protection authority. Contact details for data protection authorities in the EEA and Switzerland are available on the internet.

Further, visitors, users and subscribers can withdraw their consent to ArchChat regarding the collection and processing of personal information and data, at any point in time. Withdrawal of such consent will not affect the lawfulness of any processing conducted by ArchChat prior to the intimation of such withdrawal, and neither shall it affect the processing of such information on lawful grounds, other than consent.

ArchChat undertakes to respond to all requests and queries received from individuals wishing to exercise their rights of data protection, in accordance with the applicable laws. ArchChat reserves the right to ask any visitor, user or subscriber to describe his/her/its identity, in order to enable ArchChat to respond efficiently to any such request or query.


For any and all visitors, users and subscribers from the EEA, ArchChat’s legal basis for collecting, using and sharing personal information and data described in this Policy shall be determined by the nature of the information concerned, and on the context in which it is collected. ArchChat collects, uses and shares information from users, visitors and subscribers for a variety of business purposes within ArchChat’s legitimate interests, either in order to, consensually, enter in to, or perform a contract with any user, visitor or subscriber, or to comply with ArchChat’s lawful and legal obligations.

If any user, visitor or subscriber wishes to learn more about the specific grounds on which ArchChat may rely on to process information and data that is of a personal nature, for any particular purpose, they are invited to contact ArchChat by writing a mail to ArchChat disclaims that it may rely on legitimate interests to process such information. ArchChat reserves its right to rely on legitimate interests to process information for the purposes of fraud prevention and detection, direct marketing, etc., provided these interests are not in contravention to the interests of data protection, or the protection of fundamental rights and/or freedoms.