Get your foot
in the door
of a designer’s
virtual studio

ArchChat - Product chat

When you list your products with us you can also directly collaborate with studios and project owners.

ArchChat doesn’t just list your products like every other site. It lets you join designers and architects project chat groups to actively collaborate to customise products, share colour and design samples, provide custom quotes, negotiate commercials, provide a delivery schedule, discuss installation and much more.

Speak your language, globally

ArchChat lets you collaborate seamlessly by removing language barriers. You can chat with global studio teams in your language. Leave it for ArchChat to instantly translate your messages.

ArchChat - chat language

Provide clients high quality service using our virtual collaboration capabilities

Using ArchChat, you can respond through instant messages which improves your service standards. Build lasting relationships to get repeat business.

ArchChat Product chat

Get unlimited new business opportunities

You pay thousands of dollars to participate in trade shows, to run media advertisements, to list your products on websites, to employ sales executives who travel to meet designers. But on ArchChat you need to pay just USD 50 for a yearly subscription to list unlimited products that bring you new business from every corner of the globe.

ArchChat - user collaboration
ArchChat - Save money, earn moreArchChat - Save money, earn more

Your profits are all yours

You and your dealers don’t need to pay any commission on sales to ArchChat.


ArchChat can be absolutely free for you

ArchChat’s Invite and Earn Program automatically credits your account with 25% of what dealers and designers invited by you pay ArchChat. That's because we believe in partnering with our users.