We bring the entire design & construction industry
together on one platform


Principal architects & interior designers

Get in sync with your team and all project collaborators, assign and track tasks, view conversations and documents sorted for each project space. Also, have access to a personal design library. Build new connections. And make sure your practice is simplified and rewarding.

Architects & designers

Publish your CV, share content like design articles and videos, and at the same time make new connections. You might even get discovered by renowned Principals. Get more jobs and freelancing opportunities and multiple other benefits, while you use ArchChat as an essential collaboration tool.



Monitor everything that’s happening while your home is under construction. Collaborate effectively with your designer, contractor and family members. So your home can be completed without any hassles and delays. That too at a lower cost.


Corporate project owner

Collaborate efficiently with all project stakeholders. This won’t just help you avoid project delays, but also help lower your costs.


Developers & builders

Get complete control over your projects. Converse swiftly with all stakeholders. Assign tasks and keep a track of them. The time and expenses saved by using ArchChat will help you save millions.

Construction firms

No matter how big your organisation maybe, if you only use email and messaging apps to handle projects, then you definitely need ArchChat. It will keep all your teams and project collaborators connected 24x7 through instant chats. The tasks that can’t be assigned and tracked using task management tools can also be managed here without any effort.



As PMCs, you need to communicate instantly and manage tasks quickly. But there’s no project management tool in the market that connects you to all collaborators. Now with ArchChat, you have a solution that keeps you in sync with everyone.


Engineering consultants

Back and forth between architects and designers, and overseeing project sites, both get simplified with ArchChat. It is the only platform that connects you to a network of international architects and designers, so you can work on projects from across the globe.



Converse instantly with your team, architects, designers, consultants, and also with each and every workman at your site. ArchChat is an essential tool to manage construction work remotely.


3D designers

ArchChat not only helps you get new business from global architects and designers. But also enables you to efficiently collaborate with them.


Product manufacturers

ArchChat is the only platform that makes it possible to instantly collaborate with architects, designers, dealers and your teams. You also get new orders from across the world when architects and designers shortlist your products for projects.


Be part of a wide network of designers and architects in your territory. And also give your customers better service by attending to their queries instantly.



Collaborate efficiently with designers, interior decorators and art galleries. Showcase and sell your creative work in every corner of the world.

Art galleries

Collaborate efficiently with designers and interior decorators and build meaningful relations with them. Sell your art in every corner of the world.